Tips for great engagement photos

One of the most common questions I often get is “How to prepare for our engagement photo shoot?”
This small article will help you better prepare for the photo shoot and how to get really great and fun photos.

What to wear

Firstly, pretend you’re going on a date to celebrate your anniversary, and you’ll want to look great. No wonder most of our couples indeed go on a date after their engagement session with me.

The next important thing is to wear something that makes you feel awesome! You definitely want to be yourself, but dressing up just a little bit helps set the tone for this important step, as you prepare for your big day.
This is your time to shine, to show your personality and maybe even try something new.

When going through your closet or maybe even getting something new for your pre-wedding session, look for clothes that are soft and muted in color or go with something white, off-white, or blush — what we call “neutrals.”
Flashy colors, loud distracting logos and text on clothing can drag the eye away from focusing on the intimacy of you and your soon-to-be spouse.

And if you have a hard time selecting just one outfit, bring along a few options or send me the photo in advance, so I could help you decide.

Location matters

Typically we are looking for a location that has several different scenes that are close together. I will also share with you our Sydney best photo locations guide to help you choose the perfect location for your session. If you are not sure what to choose, I know a few fantastic places that you will absolutely love.

Choose a location that suits your personality. Some couples like to choose a scenic background, while others like to go to a place that’s special to them.

Hair and Make up

Even if you’re going for the natural look, It is important that you feel comfortable. This is a great opportunity to get your make-up and hair done professionally.

You can also schedule your make up trial before your engagement session so you can see what it looks like in photos. This is the best way to find out if you need to tweak the look. Also, consider having a manicure so your hands look good for those close-up ring shots.

Be yourselves and have fun!

The most important thing I want you to remember from your engagement session is that you had a lot of fun!

I will not ask you to pose all the time, but still I’ll give you plenty of direction. It’s the candid moments that turn out the best—so don’t be afraid to focus on kissing, laughing and having a good time with your partner.

Happy wedding planning!