Every couple is different and so is every wedding.
After years of shooting weddings, the number one thing I can advise so that you can have a stress-free wedding is to really plan it.

We find it easiest to start at the end of the day and work backwards from sunset when the light is the most beautiful and soft.

Here is a useful sunset time guide for weddings in Sydney:
January – 8.10pm | April – 5.30pm | July – 5pm | October – 7.10pm

Also you don’t want a rushed wedding day, so please be generous with travelling times.

With all this said, here is what we would consider an ideal wedding day timeline, full day coverage (based on a sunset time of 7.30pm):

11:00am   Groom getting ready photography
11:00am   Bride getting ready photography
3:15pm     Ceremony photography
3:30pm    Ceremony starts
4:00pm    Formal Family photography
4:15pm     Bridal Party photography (location one)
5:00pm    Bride and Groom photography (location two)
6:00pm    Reception Venue photography
6:15pm     Bridal Party entrance
7:15pm     Romantic photography at sunset (10 minutes)
9:00pm    Cake cutting
9:05pm    First Dance
10:30pm  Bouquet & Garter
10:50pm  Farewell (Sparkler exit etc)