10 things your wedding photographer wished you knew,
or tips on how to have a stress free wedding

I’ve been waiting to share some useful tips on how to have a fun and stress free wedding ever since I got married.
Since most wedding photographers might not want to tell you what they really think, I’m writing this as a bride.
Things I would tell my best friend when it’s time to plan her special day.

~ photography by the most talented photographer in Auckland stefyn.com

1. Choose a room with lots of natural light

Instead of choosing a hotel room with the view, book a spacious room with LOTS of natural light. The most common mistake couples make is booking a small dark hotel room. Look for the lightest and largest possible room as you will need that extra space to have your makeup and hair done. One of the reasons serviced apartments are often the best choice.

If you are reading this, that means that you love light and airy style of photography as much as I do, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need hotel recommendations.

2. Start earlier than planned

Probably the most important advice I can give, if your makeup artist / hair stylist says I’ll arrive at 9am, ask them to start at 8am, add 1 hour to whatever they say.
Ask your hair/makeup artist for an estimated time on how long this process will take, and then add at least 60 minutes.

On my wedding day I planned two extra hours of doing nothing before the ceremony. You would be surprised to hear how much time I actually had left – a few minutes I guess…

Brides should go first (or close to it) for hair and make-up. Running late with hair & makeup is one of the biggest stress factors on the day for brides, which means no time to relax before ceremony or fix things, rushed portraits, and all together… less photos.

3.  Celebrate with a pop, fizz and clink!

Plan the outfits for yourself and your bridal party for getting ready photography.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be matching robes for the entire bridal party, but please pick carefully your outfits.
Remember, these photographs will be in your wedding album.

Please eat something even though you may not feel like it.

Don’t worry about what your groom is doing (he’s doing absolutely nothing).

4. See each other before the ceremony

Organise the First Look. It’s worth it, I promise. It will help to reduce your anxiety and nerves.
Not only you will get more beautiful portraits taken but you can spend more time mingling with your guests after your ceremony.
You get not one, but TWO special moments.
It’s a beautiful and intimate moment between just the two of you.

5. Don’t rush your wedding day

When exchanging your rings during ceremony, put them on slowly so that the top of the ring is visually available for the photographer and your guests.

When kissing each other, hold it for a few seconds, it doesn’t have to be a quick, short peck.

6. Embrace the unexpected

Remind yourself, your spouse, and your wedding party to keep smiling! It is a beautiful, happy day so smile even if you think no one is looking at you.

Your wedding day will not go 100% according to your plans. Your dress will get dirty. Don’t let the weather get you down.

You may even surprise yourself with bridezilla moments. I sure did… when I realised that we had no electricity and I still had to iron my veil… And that’s okay!

Embrace the unexpected. Allow your wedding day to simply be what it is – a celebration of your love.

7. How to have a truly stress free wedding

If you are not hiring a wedding planner, ask your photographer to help you craft your own wedding timeline, chances are they’ve seen hundreds of scenarios to offer some helpful insights into logistics.

Every couple is different and so is every wedding. After years of shooting weddings, the number one thing I can advise so that you can have a stress-free wedding is to really plan it.

Your photographer will be there with you the entire day – from start to finish, so I’m here to help you have create that perfect timeline for your big day.

8. The one thing you will have left are your wedding photos

This is a big one.
When all that is left of the cake is crumbs and you’ve danced the night away – what’s left? Your brand new husband and your wedding photos, so you’ll want them BOTH to be pretty darn awesome 🙂

9. Wedding video

I keep getting asked if I recommend having a videographer. YES YES YES. I’m so glad we have our wedding video!
It’s also the biggest regret I hear from other brides – not having a video to relive it all.

Some couples consider hiring a company that offer both photo and video. The truth is that one person can’t be equally great at both, so companies hire professionals with different experience levels.
If you are reading this, that means that my work speaks to your heart.
You are not a number to us. Yulia Photography is a boutique business and it will be me and my husband at your wedding.

Over the last years I have worked with some talented videographers and would be more than happy to share their details.

10. Trust your photographer

You know how the most incredible and candid photos happen? Not when you send your photographer an endless list of must-have photos.
It’s when a couple tells me “We love your style and totally trust you! We are up for anything!”

Happy wedding planning!  ❤